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The LeoPaRd module allows your employees to scan License plates using a camera (either on phone or attached to PC) and run them against entries within our system.

When logged into our system using LeoPaRd you are able to

  • Scan a license plate.
    • Utilizing ADAM602:  
      • The mounted camera is able to run scans at a max speed of 15 mph.
      • Officers are able to drive through parking lots and scan plates within the camera's focus. 
      • If a plate is not recognized the computer will notify the officer and the officer can continue accordingly. 
    • Utilizing Destiny Mobile: 
      • The portable camera is able to recognize single plates upon scan.
      • Officers can patrol on foot and verify violation status for each vehicle scanned.
  • Once a license plate is scanned our system returns any information already within your database pertaining to said vehicle.
    • Make, model, color, expiration.
  • After scan you are also able to view a list of active citations that vehicle has.
    • List view of what violations that vehicle has and when those violations occurred. 
  • Our System records each violation and suggests a Towing recommendation based upon your company regulations
    • Rolling cite window and tow after X amount of violations.  

Granting access to LeoPaRd (Mobile)

  • Log into SuperAdmin.
  • Click Manage Mobile Features.
  • Verify that License Plate Recognition is highlighted within the list.
  • Once the option is selected click Save.

Granting access to LeoPaRd (Adam602)

  • Install included Drivers and engines
    • Upon purchase of LPR Camera and license dongle user will be emailed set up files.
    • Use these files to install the GX drivers which will include all necessary tools
      • NOTE: These drivers will install both x86 and x64 architecture software. 
        • Most Newer PCs fall under x64 but to determine this please right click my computer and click properties. 
        • A window will appear with some system information including what system type your PC is running. 
      • Depending on what type of computer you have you will choose which tools to use accordingly. 
        • The difference in tools will be denoted by x86 or x64 in the Title.
    • Upon install of software click start and navigate through all programs to GX then select engine manager.
    • Select browse under engine packages. 
    • Locate included engine (ending in -usa.gxz)
    • install engine of your System Type and select as default.
      • NOTE: depending on your System architecture you will install either x86 or x64 engines.
      • Please use prior System type knowledge to determine which engine to install.
  • Upon completion of drivers setup default computer's network to the same IP range as the camera (
    • Go to Computer Network Settings
      • (Windows 10 select Network, click Ethernet, and click Change adapter options)
    • Select LAN Connection and right click to view properties
    • Under properties click Internet Protocol Version 4 and select properties. 
    • Click the radio button (Use the following IP address)
    • Input an IP or
    • Input subnet mask
  • log into Adam602.
  • Click File and then click settings.
  • Under License Plate Recognition, input your connected camera's IP address (default: and save.
  • Click View in the top toolbar then select About.
  • Copy the Finger Print set of characters.
  • Submit this set of characters to Destiny Software to allow this computer access to LeoPaRd.

Access to LeoPaRd (Destiny Mobile)

  • Once LPR is enabled from superadmin.
  • Log into Destiny Mobile.
  • Click LPR.
  • Select account.
  • Select scan and view results.
  • Upon seeing the results you are able to select view citations to view active citations for that vehicle.

Access to LeoPaRd (Adam602)

  • Open Adam602.
  • Select LPR Parking Enforcement.
  • Switch to LPR App.
  • Select your account and press Start Scan.
  • Upon discovering a plate that is not within the system the computer will inform you.
  • You can also select to see active violations on this vehicle under the Tow Status option.