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  • Requesting a New Feature from Destiny Software
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The support team at Destiny Software often receives calls and emails from clients requesting new features or suggestions on how to improve our programs and applications.  If you'd like to make such a request, a support ticket must be opened.

Support tickets will allow clients the ability to explain to the development team exactly what they are asking for as well as the ability to post drawings or graphics of their request.  The attachments should give the development team a clear example of the request.


To create a feature request support ticket, follow the instructions below:


1)  From the Admin Portal click on "Support Helpdesk" 

2) Click on "Create Support Issue"

3)  Populate the form.  Please ensure that the contact name and phone number are accurate as members of the development team may need to contact you for additional details.

4)  Attach pictures and/or drawings that give a better that may give the development team a better idea of what you are looking for.

5)  In the "Notes" section please be as detailed as possible about the new feature.

6)  Clicking "Submit" will upload your request to our support team.


The development team will review all suggestions and notify you should they have additional questions.  No guarantees can be made or promised regarding your suggestions.
The support team at Destiny Software can only assist you in the submission of your request.




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