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In 2011, Destiny Software released its first mobile application.  We went to great lengths to ensure that reports were saved on the mobile device.  At the time, this was important because cellular coverage was unreliable, weak and sporadic across the country.  Since then, cellular coverage has greatly improved and just about every corner of the country has signal.

Times have changed and Destiny Software must change with them to provide our clients with the very best services and features available.  To achieve this mission we have decided to no longer save report data to mobile devices.  All report data will now be stored on our servers.  By making this decision, we expose many possibilities for improvement:

  • Feature requests will now be satisfied within days, rather than weeks.  The majority of changes will take place on the server, not the mobile application.  This gives us the ability to make instant changes without the need to endure Apple's review process and the deployment rigors of Google Play.
  • With the "Saved Reports" list being stored on our servers, this allows officers to manage their reports across multiple devices.
  • Per-CID customizations are now possible.  We're able to add to the Destiny Core features for individual CIDs without affecting others.  Customizable reports will now be possible.
  • In the future, we will allow administrators to view officer's reports before they are even submitted giving CID owners and stakeholders a view into the full lifecycle of report creation.

We understand the potential inconvenience that this may pose for some of our clients.  However, we are confident that the benefits outweigh the short-term struggle.

If you are experiencing a "dead zone" in a particular area, or in a building you are servicing, please contact us.  With our experience implementing WiFi repeaters, HotSpot modems, external antennas, etc.., we'll be happy to help.

Thank you for being a Destiny Software customer.

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